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  • Studded Wrap Watch

    6:08 PM PST, 12/12/2014

    Mini Studded Wrap Watch Synthetic Leather. Our watch selection is stylishly designed without sacrificing comfort. We offer different color and style variations. Browse our selection and you'll definitely find your unique look. Item Weight: 0.06 Style: Wrap Watch Material: Synthetic Leather Make a fashion statement with the fashion brand Icon Bijoux!

    9:12 PM PST, 2/11/2013

    Hi my fellow visitors! The page you are on now is my DBA or doing business as which is Prof Sanchez Collectables A to Z. What you may not know is that I have a sister site running for about two years simultaneously with this website in a different niche. This store revolves around enhancing your body, mind and spirit. It has products for the body such as name brand original perfumes and colognes. Bath and body products, and spa baskets. Then we enter the realm of the spiritual with authentic jewelry with semi-precious gemstones that have there own holistic properties. Holy Land Products directly imported from Israel from Olive-Wood carved crosses to precious hand made rosaries. There are also products for the mind to relax and ease your worries in the area of aromatherapy. We have natural soy candles and incense which will aid in your meditations and prayers. Finally we are creating an area of holistic medicine, home remedies and homeopathic medicine which is all natural to try to provide an alternative method to the traditional medicine which many time have secondary effects. Finally we hope to provide an area of music to help relax the body, ease the mind and guide your soul into that meditational zone. I know it sounds ambitious but with your patience I have slowly built many of these areas already on the following website: I welcome you to visit and look around. If you don't see your favorite perfume or cologne, drop us a line. We are affiliated with one of the largest warehouses in New York that can drop ship your order with over 15,000 fragrances all authentic since they provide to over 220 countries including the large retail stores. Since I have no middle man, our prices are very reasonable as you will soon see. Hope to see your there! Thanks!
  • Children books in Lots

    1:13 PM PST, 11/25/2011

    Hi, This is the Prof to inform everyone that the Big Book Sale Blowout is reaching its grand finale. This is the perfect opportunity for teachers to stock up their classroom library with bundled books at a great price! I just finished listing 2 sets of bundled books. One lot has 12 books and the other lot has 10 books. Stay on the lookout this weekend for more bundled books. Take care and Happy Reading! Justo A. Sanchez Prof. Sanchez
  • Teacher Retirement Big Book Sale

    1:06 PM PST, 7/4/2011

    Hi, I worked for the Department of Education for 25+ years and 10+ as a university professor teaching English as a second language. I gained my Master's Degree in T.E.S.O.L. which simply means the above mentioned. I then participated in Scholastic Red and became certified as a reading specialist. What does all this mean? I have massive resources and books some which are used, like new and some I never even opened since I received them when I was in the process of retirement. I was an avid book collector and buyer all for the success of my students. I now offer my entire book collection up for sale to my fellow teachers and parents. I will give you expert advice on which level the book is intended for. For my fellow educators I will make available the massive amount of Red Scholastic training courses information for free! Yes, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and I will start sending you periodically 6 binder's worth of training on helping your students learn to read. This information is also invaluable for parents as well. So, I'll see you at E-bay for my book sale and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. Prof. Justo A. Sanchez MA.Ed.